Drug-Suicide Link in Children Confirmed by Study

Aug 17, 2006 at 7:06 PM
Everyone who has eyes and has spent time in the public school system can see that psychiatric drugs have an adverse effect upon children.

Here's a study that confirms the psych drug-suicide link.

The Oregonian reported it on the inside of the back page (how much more hidden can you get?). And it left the words "Psychiatric" or "Prescription" out, so the casual reader will think "well, duh" thinking the article is talking about street drugs.

Obviously crafted to HIDE this fact from us?

What motive does the Organized media have for making as little of this news as possible? Well, how about the fact that I counted seven (7) ads within that copy of the Oregonian for those prescription drug companies that the study "outs" as evil -- and I wasn't even looking very hard.

Is there anything more evil than harming children?

Yes. Knowing about it and not making a big huge stink about it.

Shame on the media outlets who hid this important news from us, for selling their integrity to the highest bidder.