Damaged Odalisque

Aug 24, 2006 at 4:17 PM

This odalisque had to be reconstructed a bit because it actually was seriously water damaged in the last hurricane I went through (honestly, I can't even remember the name they gave it, I've been through so many now). It got all kinds of water spots and what appears to be watercolor paint spots.

Blame the damage on my then-roommate, Rick. He put the box with my artwork in it in the garage shortly before the storm. I would have been perfectly happy to continue to live with cardboard boxes as a livingroom.

In any case, I live on the hurricane-free coast now. And I learned my lesson. I keep all of my artwork worth keeping in a nice closed artists case. It's water-resistant.

Paintings too big to go in there I wrap in wax paper and then plastic wrap. I don't know for sure why. If it doesn't keep them supple, at least it'll keep freezer burn away.