Traveling by moon light

Jul 28, 2006 at 6:26 PM
As a Libertarian, I believe in complete freedom to do as you wish with your life, so long as it is within the law. This works for as long as the law doesn't legitimize harmful behavior, and conversely doesn't become ridiculous.

Or start limiting perfectly legitimate behavior that is deemed abnormal.

For instance, I see nothing wrong with mooning a train. I wouldn't do it, but hey! To each his own. I'm just not that proud of my butt, that I want to show it off to complete strangers like that.

What I'm talking about is a once a year impromptu gathering that is not publicized or promoted, but at which a large number of society's oddballs gather to moon the Amtrak train as it passes. Then they all leave.

According to the paper recently, the local fuddy-duddys are trying to ban it. Uhm... OK. BUT... (pun intended) that is certainly not going to dissuade anyone in that crowd. It will simply make a lot of ridiculous, unneccessary arrests happen.

As far as I'm concerned mooning is a victimless crime. The people on the train know they're on the mooning route, and can look away. But usually the train fills to capacity (one of the few remaining to do so in fact) with gawkers.

There are so many more important people to be arresting. Criminy.