Little Belly Barefoot

Jul 5, 2006 at 6:25 PM
A "work friend" from years ago is a stay at home mom now. I put quotes around work friend because this lady is just about the bestest kind of person there is. But what can you do when you only see someone at work? You smile and wave and say hello and goodbye and did you see the new coffee maker AND THAT'S IT.

My friend's name is Diana. It's a great name for her. She smiles are really catching and make her eyes seem twinkly. She is a whispy willow of a woman who still looks like a girl, and always looks ready to go back about eight hundred years in time. But not in that trippy 70s way. I think she's grand. I just heard from her. Anyway, we're both stay-at-homes now. She's got a two year old she's already teaching. Here's her new blog about homeschooling her daughter, Ada.

Lovely to see my friends coming into the world of blogging.

1 Responses to Little Belly Barefoot

  1. Diana Says:

    Thanks, chica, for your nice post about me. I came to check if you had posted anything about America: Freedom to Fascism, but I remember you live in the relative wilderness and that it was only out in a few cities. Oh, well, when it comes out, see if you can get there. I think you said somewhere that you tend towards libertarianism . . . oh and