Heading off for several days

Jul 20, 2006 at 3:47 PM
Tomorrow I drive to Portland. I will have pictures when I return, and stories.

Hopefully pleasant stories. My previous road trips have been undeniable, categorical fiascos - top class. When I have a fiasco I reall put my all into it.

As far as these things can be planned, this trip is slated to go well. Three days in Portland, including a rented PT Cruiser and a stay at a nice hotel - gotten on the cheap.

I decided to actually have some fun with my girls and play a bit. I look forward to a lovely trip and a great time. I got the girls a few cans of wildflower seeds to throw out the window along the way - to brighten the world up a bit.

I think it's better than getting gameboys to pass the time, I think?

Actually, if any of you don't know this already, I do NOT believe in video games. They're strictly off limits in my house. Pre-approved Movies are fine whenever, TV in moderation (but I haven't had it for over a year anyway) and absolutely no video games. Talk about indoctrination into violence and roboticism! And I practice what I preach, so it's easy. There are no computer or video games in my life. I keep a shape-sorting game around for my little sister's visits (one has been this last week - the reason I've been out of comm).

So, what do you give kids in the car to keep busy when you don't allow video games?

Sodoku puzzles, books by Frances Hodgson Burnett (liek the Secret Garden and the Little Princess) and a jar of wildflower seeds.