My Animal Kingdom

Jun 8, 2006 at 12:51 PM
Tucker, my dog, barks constantly at these lovely little sugar water addicts. He can't understand why they are OK with me.

The constant humming here makes it sound like I live in a beehive.

The cat, agonizingly named "Star" by my children, but whom I just call "Cat" is slowly going crazy. Here she is waiting for them to come back.

I'm none too fond of cats, but I think her patience is admirable. She waited all day. And, as if to to reward me for putting up the hummingbird feeders in the first place that brought such a plethora of game for her to stalk, she spent several hours laying in my lap purring at me last night.

A few days ago, a group of about a half-dozen turkeys wandered down from the upper meadow into our yard to forage. They had somewhere around forty babies with them and were going very slowly, clucking all the way, so the babies would keep up. It was like watching a badly organized cattle herd with several cowboys - all wanting to go in different directions.

The twins rounded up a few of the babies and played with them. You can see that Aurora was perhaps not as gentle with the chick she caught as she ought to have been.

But no harm no fowl.