Hurricane Alberto is heading to my family

Jun 12, 2006 at 6:18 PM
I hate hurricane season.

The first named storm of the 2006 hurricane season is headed directly toward my mom and sisters. Today I am focusing on postulating that they are completely safe, and that the hurricane will have minimal impact where ever it lands.

It's been a while since a hurricane actually hit the central west-coast of FL where my maternal family lives and where I used to live so I'm sending my hope and love that way today.

Here are the people I want safe: Mama, Kendie, Libby, Jamie, Christian, Grammy Edie in my family. Outside of that are my ex Stevie and his daughter Ciarra Nicole, my friends at ex-work Axiom, Mike and Lexie and their Brand new son Koen (pronounced Co-hen), Damara and her boys and her new love - and the numerous kids I know and love but am not related to: Katey Elise, Brennan, Jessica, Jenny, and the brand new premie Brandyn - who needs security and safety right now most.

SAFETY and SECURITY to you all in abundance.