Celebration of Twinhood

Jun 6, 2006 at 10:20 AM

My lovely twins. Nine years old and they still lose their teeth within days of each other, reach every milestone nearly together. Same tooth, too!

Further proof:

Look at this amazing game of Scrabble. I think it's very intelligently worked out - these are little girls, so the words are not terribly high brow on their own. But they are definitely interwoven, and the words are being packed in like a crossword.

And I interrupted the game at bedtime - they hadn't started playing it until eight-fifteen.

It shows how well my children think together. Scrabble, to them, is not a competition, it is a goal to be reached together... while competing.

It doesn't matter too often who wins. The other is always fleetingly disappointed, and the one who won always checks on the other to see if it's ok. Then everything's fine and they're on to something else.

They don't argue, they still need to be touching when sleeping, and they still finish each other's sentences.

Here they are taking a walk through a meadow of lillies.


  1. jere Says:

    I don't see any pictures.

  2. desi Says:

    hmm. I don't know why. If you stil have a problem next time you show up, let me know. I'll create a tech support ticket with blogger...