Cars and Guns

Jun 10, 2006 at 12:59 PM
I just had a good conversation with Rick (my work-friend turned best-friend, turned roomie, turned boyfriend, turned cheater).

We talked about guns (which kind to look at next - he says ruger even though he's scared of guns - I say glock) and about cars (which kind to get from a trade-in - he says anything Japanese is better than my POS Ford).

I'm hoping we can go back to the kind of tight friends we were before we tried to turn that pure, great friendship into a THING. We were GREAT roomies.

The space between word GIRL (or BOY) and the word FRIEND means all the difference in our friendship. Beats me why. But I'm glad he's placed me firmly back on the platonic side of the fence in his own mind.

Sometimes that perfect chemistry of a good friendship just goes to hell in a handbasket as anything else. We worked together, played together, lived together for years - YEARS - to absolute harmony and then he turned out to be a terrible boyfriend. He's just a little insane on the subject.

It took a while - many months - for me to recover from that, to knock him off his pedestal, put him on solidly imperfect ground and still like him afterwards.

But, anyway, on the phone, it felt good to have him act like a real person again. Instead of a reticent ex. Our situation is improving, his tone is improving. He's gonna get on course, study about ethics, which rocks.

Good for Rick.