AOL stands for WTF

Jun 26, 2006 at 1:44 PM

I hate AOL.

AOL is the opposite of all things good.

They must be evil because every time I email anyone whose email address ends in "" the email disappears into the endless sucking void of blackest black that is truly at AOL's core.

In case you can't tell, I vocally DIS-recommend them to anybody for any reason ever no matter what. Especially if you care whether you get the emails people send you. Would be use UPS if half our packages never arrived? NO. So wy are people still using this POS email service?

When I originally got internet, I am ashamed to admit I got AOL. I didn't know any better. That's who they aim at: the I-don't-know-any-better crowd.

I sent out the big I'm online now announcement, and then a month later I got calls like:
"I emailed you about Grammy. Why didn't you answer?"
"Desi, are you angry with me? You didn't write back."
"Hey! Just checking what you're bringing to the potluck. Didn't you get the invite?"
I never received emails. Nearly never. Got the SPAM, but not the real emails - I think AOL somehow reversed their SPAM filters or something.

Then when I quit them for broadband, there was no way to stop getting billed. There was no "click here to cancel your AOL subscription" button, no ask off procedure included in their terms and conditions that I could see. It was a nightmare. THis was back in 2000 or so.

I wrote to AOL, called them about a gajillion times to get them to stop my subscription. ("I'm sorry, this is the customer service line, not the service cancellation line. Please call the other number " - and vice versa. Total run-around in circles while geting my leg pulled wild goose chase. I eventually asked my bank to stop honoring AOL but they told me it was my problem for setting up auto-pay, so I had to close the account - no shit. It got that extreme.

But all of that is ancient history, and I had put it behind me. Til last week.

Suddenly AOL returns to the spotlight. I was unable to donate 1/2 size childrens guitars to disabled kids because the guy who wanted them had a @#!!%&!%! AOL email account. I emailed him three times. I mean, come ON! Disabled kids. I was swearing at my computer about this one. I had to give them to the next responder instead.

So, I have decided AOL is the center axis around which all nastiness and yuck revolves at the center of the ugly bits of the internet.

The point is, if you;ve got a choice, take your money and your email address elsewhere.

May I suggest gmail, which rocks and is free. As long as you don't mind that you are a fish in a fishbowl (every email you write is part of the great Google-y-moogle-y experiment in a sense. You will get adwords ads fine-tuned (by computers, not people) to whatever you're yacking about most in addition to becoming part of "The Great Algorithm" (mind the caps and don't forget to make the echo noise).

By the by, about GMail, I never used any of my invites, I wonder how many I'm up to now? Email me if you're not a spamming telemarketing POS, and I'll send you one.