And the votes are starting to come in

Jun 21, 2006 at 9:46 PM
All of my closest friends were sent a sweet email in which I asked them to write a single sentence about me. For my blog profile (c'mon - it's for perpituity people! who knows me better than you.) So far I've got just Dad (the bit about the sea lions) and my life-long friend Kathy (thanks for the kind words!) who has given birth to other friends of mine.

While so far, the turnout is good, not all the votes are in yet.

Some of you may be holding out because you don't want to


  • Desi and I have been friends for-like-ever and she is so completely the same as she was then.

  • Desi makes great pies on holidays and has a very messy house.

  • Whatever this chick wants, give it to her - she rocks!

  • Desi was nice to me before I stole her man.

  • Desi was always a real pain in the ass and she natters about me all the time.

  • Confession: I'm actually that unknown stalker you used to have.

  • This blog seriously surprises me - she was sooo quiet when I knew her.

  • Thanks, Desi, for holding up my hair that time.

  • Hey Desi, do you have a copy of ITSE I can borrow - thanks! (yionk)

  • Desi as a movie pitch:
    Overzealous Liza Minelli - but quieter - meets post-Zach Mandy Moore - but snarkier - goes on a cross-country photo spree by car that ends with a gilbert-grape aspect but more heartfelt and superficial at the same time, yada-yada, lots of warm-fuzzies - it's a popcorn pusher for sure. (deep breath)

  • And best of all:

  • Who's Desi?