Alberto a Dud in Tampa Bay

Jun 14, 2006 at 2:09 AM

After a few days of waiting, wondering and looking at interesting but entirely useless charts (like this one), the "official" (drumroll, please) report from Tampa Bay is in.

Here are the quotes of note, provided verbatim:

The litle sister Libby said:
"Oh yeah, it rained a bunch.
Nothing much. Don't worry."

The older sister Kendra said:
"Please leave a message and I will REE-turn your call..."

Why doesn't she ever pick up! Oh well. She's a "no comment" then.

The un-posted Rick said:
"It was gay, and it was over like yesterday. It's just windy now.
Totally lame."

The mom said:
"Hi, honey."

The ex-husband Steve did not return calls before it was time to put this report to bed. Probably because this reporter yelled at him recently. (Sorry.)

Jokus Longoverus reporting.

Goodnight one and all. Thankfully, we will all sleep better tonight knowing that Alberto was about as minimal as a hurricane gets.