Your mom wants something real

May 10, 2006 at 6:16 PM
Any of you with creative streaks in you - TAKE NOTE.

Please don't send your mom some store-bought, contrived, sapy notecard with sugary chocolatey stuff or flowers that you picked out from a catalog.

Come on.

Artistic people (myself included) really have to take the time to HAND-WRITE your card, make your mom something.

Yeah, I know what you're saying:

I haven't done that since I was five and she got the paper mache hand-print.

That's what will make this all the more special.

If you DO something yourself, and then send it to your mom, you can get away from the appallingly commerce driven direction that holidays have gone.

So, adults, kids and everyone with a mom needs to do something that really means something to them personally this year.

Here is what I drew for my Grandma:

It might be a bit sappy, but she'll love it cause it's from us. Nothing you buy in a store is even remotely as ALIVE as the art you yourself make.

Yes, it's silly. Your mom loves your silly stuff.

Yes, it's unprofessional. That's a PLUS where mom is concerned.

I am going to be offended if when my kids grow up, all I ever get is a signed hallmark card or an online floral bouquet.

And here is what my kids did for me (with my scanner) this year:

That's Mandy on the left, Rory on the right. It's PERFECT - and I love it!