way off target

May 31, 2006 at 10:32 AM
I am hopping mad at Target.

A friend of mine in Florida registered at Target's Club Wedd.

As soon as the invites went out, I knew I wouldn't be able to attend. I went to the target website, and ordered two items from her registry, a table service thingee (cheap) and a wall hanging (not).

Not only did they only send the cheap thing and not the good thing, they sent it late. So my present for my good friend arrives:
a. LATE (tacky enough by itself).
b. It's the cheapest item on her registry (ugh).

They never did send the good present.

She never returned my call - which I don't blame. (Sorry, Mackadoo!) I'd be put off by that kind of slight also.

They have been sending me email notifications to approve the change in shipping date for her present for MONTHS now. No option to disapprove. So I ignored it.

They didn't even have a way to remove the item from my cart for the longest time (recently added the functionality to their site, after probably hundreds of upset customers like me).

I am absolutely disgusted. I will never even walk into a Target store again.

Unless I see Elvis inside. I mean, I'd have to check into that.