Vote this time

May 25, 2006 at 4:52 PM
Usually, voter turnout in America is abysmal.

In Afghanistan, their voter turnout in the face of possible death was greater than our turnout in the presidential elections. That is a terrible reflection on our colective belief in our democratic republic.

Vote. My template for who to vote for is based upon the least amount of hemming and hawing.

Pick someone who doesn't waiver from their stance.

Pick someone who will defend the few freedoms we have left.

Vote based on who you feel is the sanest human being.

But, VOTE.

Our liberty is in serious danger, with phone records being perused for suspicious behaviours, with unconstitutional eminent domain land-grabbing for non-public use, with other small steps being taken to control your life with insurance caps, licensing of rights you already have (like bearing arms), with things being called rights that aren't rights, with government paying you off with Medicaid and Medicarea so that you'll let them dope you into submission with supposed "mental health parity".

DO something. What can you do?

Vote. And Vote educated. Know who your options are and choose a person. Listen to debates, to your local opinion leaders and then form your own decisions and VOTE. The history behind this action is thousands of years old and well known to be better at creating positive change than revolution, than rhetoric, and certainly better than grumbling about how terrible things are.

Don't vote for someone who wants even bigger government. Big government does not ever relinquish the ropes you throw them. They never recind the taxes they "temporarily" insist will aid the war/feed the poor/house the homeless/fix the deficit. It never does and it never will and it only reduces our freedom.

When government has a monopoly, we all lose. When government can do as it wishes without our oversight, it will run us all into the ground.

Government can be either the collective insanity of the group or the combined will of the people.

Voting is the ONLY time we are given the ability to shift the flow of the government's endless tide of new laws and new complexities.

VOTE for freedom, whatever you think that may be.