Terrible Mother

May 10, 2006 at 9:21 PM
What a terrible thing to do to another mother...

Showing the worst of human traits, this woman displays her jealousy, spite, anger, and lack of humility.

"What do you think of your son now?" Patricia Belanger called out to Biechele's mother. Belanger, who lost her 30-year-old daughter, Dina Ann DeMaio, told reporters afterward: "Now it's her turn to suffer, just like we've been suffering because of her son."

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Any one who heard Biechele's tearful, broken apart grief today knows he's suffering twice for every person who died. He was so sorrowful that even over the radio, I was struck by it.

Sure, this woman lost a daughter, and that's terrible. Absolutely unspeakably terrible - I cannot imagine her pain. But doling out pain to others without cause is not warranted. Taunting the mother of the guy who accidentally started the fire is despicable. Sure, taunt the guy himself. Sure, kick him while he's down. A least then she would be directing her anger at the right person. You know what I mean.

What a rotten thing to do to another person.

What does this woman want, for a mother to write off her own son? Not gonna happen. There is no motive beyond verbally stabbing her counterpart on the defense side.