Man's Greatest Weapon

May 26, 2006 at 11:53 AM
Aristotle said
The goal of war is peace

Those who disagree with our current war do so on the fundamental different of belief in this regard. In their eyes, this is simply not war. The quote would read to them that the goal of entanglement is collusion. War is usually warranted when a direct threat to existence occurs, and war must be done to maintain peace in the long term.

Our disagreements stem from whether we personally believe we are endangered. Nearly all war dissenters I've heard from really believe that we're in a false war.

In a free country, everyone has the right to their own mind, their own belief, their own way of honoring the dead, their own mind, ideas, goals.

Here is my goal about our current war:

This millenia long religious conflict could be resolved if only everyone applied this tenet from the Way to Happiness Moral Code by L. Ron Hubbard:
Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others

My idea of this war is that is will only be solved when reason and discource can resume between the parties in this war.

L Ron Hubbard says in the book Self Analysis:

Man's greatest weapon is his reason.

I firmly hope that reason will win this war. Reason will result in free people in the middle east, Reason will result in an understanding of when to cease fire.

Reason will result in new ideas, new directions in the purpose of the people fighting on either side that make the old ideas, the old, skewed purposes this ancient religious on-again-off-again war is based upon obsolete.

There is my fervent hope and prayer for this war's outcome.

I make this statement in memory to those who've died for my peace.

If there must be a war, let it result in the ultimate goal of war according to Aristotle:


Peace in America, where the war was brought in 2001.

Peace in Europe, where the war has repeated.

Peace in the Middle East, where the war is now, and where it originally began.

Aristotle said
The goal of war is peace

Let it be so.