Let the blog speak for itself

May 30, 2006 at 5:56 PM
I love blog directories because they help me find the best blogs on any paricular subject - but i HATE submitting to them.

Writing long third person descriptions of myself feels so VAIN.


Desi loves long walks on the beach at sunset and never wears hairspray.


Desi blogs about photography, eats sushi and doesn't care what she weighs

Gosh, I haven't talked about photography in a while. I'm going digital, seriously. Losing my love for analog in favor of the immediacy of digital.... I never thought I'd give in to the tide, but my AE-1 is used less and less and my digital is getting more and more play. Always Canon, of course. I LOVE Canon.

Desi is a libertarian single mother with a vendetta against elitism.

Maybe, but who cares?

Why don't they just let the most recent post be the directory description - it wouldn't mean they weren't a directory - I don't know, I just think it's weird to try to describe the entire essence of my being in 255 chars (or less).

By the way, I found my feed - and until I get it back into my sidebar (where'd it go anyway???) here it is: