who WAS I last year?

May 31, 2006 at 11:35 AM
Here is what my profile used to say?

I am more nomadic than that roaming gnome. I've lived in 25 places in ten years. I love life, my twin daughters, my job and my pets. I play cricket darts, spades, cribbage, hearts, 8-ball and cutthroat billiards, and I just tried bowling. I play piano and love all the arts. At work, I'm a web designer and SEO in a two man shop with a long waiting list. So if I forget to blog, forgive me. I'm probably building someone else a blog. Please do not expect me to hype up my web design services here. I do that elsewhere. I put my musings and rants here that don't necessarily belong in with my business stuff. SOme of my rants are about business, and for this I ask you to forgive me. I know, i know. It's bad not to market yourself. I don't care. This is my diary. Leemme 'lone.

OK. Well, I don't know WHAT I was thinking? All those games - my EYES glaze over.


way off target

at 10:32 AM
I am hopping mad at Target.

A friend of mine in Florida registered at Target's Club Wedd.

As soon as the invites went out, I knew I wouldn't be able to attend. I went to the target website, and ordered two items from her registry, a table service thingee (cheap) and a wall hanging (not).

Not only did they only send the cheap thing and not the good thing, they sent it late. So my present for my good friend arrives:
a. LATE (tacky enough by itself).
b. It's the cheapest item on her registry (ugh).

They never did send the good present.

She never returned my call - which I don't blame. (Sorry, Mackadoo!) I'd be put off by that kind of slight also.

They have been sending me email notifications to approve the change in shipping date for her present for MONTHS now. No option to disapprove. So I ignored it.

They didn't even have a way to remove the item from my cart for the longest time (recently added the functionality to their site, after probably hundreds of upset customers like me).

I am absolutely disgusted. I will never even walk into a Target store again.

Unless I see Elvis inside. I mean, I'd have to check into that.

Let the blog speak for itself

May 30, 2006 at 5:56 PM
I love blog directories because they help me find the best blogs on any paricular subject - but i HATE submitting to them.

Writing long third person descriptions of myself feels so VAIN.


Desi loves long walks on the beach at sunset and never wears hairspray.


Desi blogs about photography, eats sushi and doesn't care what she weighs

Gosh, I haven't talked about photography in a while. I'm going digital, seriously. Losing my love for analog in favor of the immediacy of digital.... I never thought I'd give in to the tide, but my AE-1 is used less and less and my digital is getting more and more play. Always Canon, of course. I LOVE Canon.

Desi is a libertarian single mother with a vendetta against elitism.

Maybe, but who cares?

Why don't they just let the most recent post be the directory description - it wouldn't mean they weren't a directory - I don't know, I just think it's weird to try to describe the entire essence of my being in 255 chars (or less).

By the way, I found my feed - and until I get it back into my sidebar (where'd it go anyway???) here it is:

God Bless America - My last memorial day post for the year

May 26, 2006 at 1:31 PM

Memorial day fills me with such a great deal of optimism, hope, remembrance, ideals that I can't possibly stop trying to comunicate to you about it.

Top five songs that fill me with love for my country are:

1. "God Bless America"
2. "It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow"
3. "Blue Skies"
4. "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!"
5. "America, America!"

You'll note that the top three are all Irving Berlin songs. Irving Berlin is synonymous to me with what America stands for. Immigrant born poor, died with every dream he had chased realized, with his ideas sung to this day by Americans to remember their country by.

My mother made me learn what this meant, and I recited it every day in school.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Here is how I view the definitions for the above, as used in the above context.

Pledge = "promise, vow, agree".
Allegiance = "self-generated dedication and committment"
Republic = "country where power rests on voting citizens and on their elected representatives."
Indivisible = "unable to be split apart."
liberty = "personal freedom from oppression or servitude."
justice = "due reward or penalty being fairly applied."

Man's Greatest Weapon

at 11:53 AM
Aristotle said
The goal of war is peace

Those who disagree with our current war do so on the fundamental different of belief in this regard. In their eyes, this is simply not war. The quote would read to them that the goal of entanglement is collusion. War is usually warranted when a direct threat to existence occurs, and war must be done to maintain peace in the long term.

Our disagreements stem from whether we personally believe we are endangered. Nearly all war dissenters I've heard from really believe that we're in a false war.

In a free country, everyone has the right to their own mind, their own belief, their own way of honoring the dead, their own mind, ideas, goals.

Here is my goal about our current war:

This millenia long religious conflict could be resolved if only everyone applied this tenet from the Way to Happiness Moral Code by L. Ron Hubbard:
Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others

My idea of this war is that is will only be solved when reason and discource can resume between the parties in this war.

L Ron Hubbard says in the book Self Analysis:

Man's greatest weapon is his reason.

I firmly hope that reason will win this war. Reason will result in free people in the middle east, Reason will result in an understanding of when to cease fire.

Reason will result in new ideas, new directions in the purpose of the people fighting on either side that make the old ideas, the old, skewed purposes this ancient religious on-again-off-again war is based upon obsolete.

There is my fervent hope and prayer for this war's outcome.

I make this statement in memory to those who've died for my peace.

If there must be a war, let it result in the ultimate goal of war according to Aristotle:


Peace in America, where the war was brought in 2001.

Peace in Europe, where the war has repeated.

Peace in the Middle East, where the war is now, and where it originally began.

Aristotle said
The goal of war is peace

Let it be so.

hold into submission

May 25, 2006 at 4:58 PM
Someone finally came back on the line just now... I'm giving up, they can bill it any way they want. I just can't listen to any more soft jazz.

Vote this time

at 4:52 PM
Usually, voter turnout in America is abysmal.

In Afghanistan, their voter turnout in the face of possible death was greater than our turnout in the presidential elections. That is a terrible reflection on our colective belief in our democratic republic.

Vote. My template for who to vote for is based upon the least amount of hemming and hawing.

Pick someone who doesn't waiver from their stance.

Pick someone who will defend the few freedoms we have left.

Vote based on who you feel is the sanest human being.

But, VOTE.

Our liberty is in serious danger, with phone records being perused for suspicious behaviours, with unconstitutional eminent domain land-grabbing for non-public use, with other small steps being taken to control your life with insurance caps, licensing of rights you already have (like bearing arms), with things being called rights that aren't rights, with government paying you off with Medicaid and Medicarea so that you'll let them dope you into submission with supposed "mental health parity".

DO something. What can you do?

Vote. And Vote educated. Know who your options are and choose a person. Listen to debates, to your local opinion leaders and then form your own decisions and VOTE. The history behind this action is thousands of years old and well known to be better at creating positive change than revolution, than rhetoric, and certainly better than grumbling about how terrible things are.

Don't vote for someone who wants even bigger government. Big government does not ever relinquish the ropes you throw them. They never recind the taxes they "temporarily" insist will aid the war/feed the poor/house the homeless/fix the deficit. It never does and it never will and it only reduces our freedom.

When government has a monopoly, we all lose. When government can do as it wishes without our oversight, it will run us all into the ground.

Government can be either the collective insanity of the group or the combined will of the people.

Voting is the ONLY time we are given the ability to shift the flow of the government's endless tide of new laws and new complexities.

VOTE for freedom, whatever you think that may be.

Still on hold

at 4:34 PM
Back on hold after an aggrivating fifteen minute communication with an American with an incredibly low voice and minimal comprehension of the english language.

Hughes Net is getting me a "supervisor" because the guy I was talking to in "customer service" admitted he has no power to make changes to my account (as in cancel the past due notice and reset my billing date).

Why do they put people on phone support when they a. have no power? b. can't speak english?

HughesNet craziness

at 4:10 PM
Last week, I finally pulled together $600.00 to get started with DirecWay, which just became HughesNet.

Anyway, the check for the six hundred dollar start-up fee JUST cleared by account yesterday, and today I get a "past due" notice saying
If this matter is not resolved within seven days following the date of this notice, your account may be suspended or closed.

I've had service for less than a week!

And now I'm in the worst push-buttons and wait telephone customer service system ever. I've been on hold for 45 minutes...

So this is what I'm doing while their hold message ironically repeats "DirecWay is now HughesNet. Learn more about new features and improved customer support. Visit us online at myhughesnet.com" endlessly.

Argh. Don't these people BETA test their support systems? This is terrible. A two on a scale of one to ten.

Conspiracy Theory

at 1:37 PM
Hey - Here's a thought... Maybe the huge kerfluffle over immigration recently is a red herring. A huge, giant, glaring argument being created to draw the eye away from reality. Who really cares if people want to be American. Look at history, and you see hundreds of such immigration "fiascos" that result in simply more Americans in the end. The Japanese and Chinese and Irish and Russians and Polish Jews and the list goes on. Even the pilgrims were running away from their home country in droves.

It is not as big a deal as it is being made out to be. Everyone yelling only makes me suspicious about who's NOT raising their voice.

Any one who ever learned a few magic tricks as a kid understands the importance of sleight of hand.

So, why the hullabaloo? What is happening that really threatens the future of our country? Think on it. I want comments here.


To pull attention off of some major bill that's also being worked on? If so, which one?
The coming of big brother in the form of phone log skimming?
The government land-grabbing that the supreme court has okay'd?
To get the focus off of the falling approval numbers of our President?

Those are off the top of my head. What do you think?

Feminine Art

at 11:06 AM
Hey - As always, full of helpful advice, my mom warns me that tampons are toxic. Full of bleach that can leak into your body and cause cancer. Considering the high rates of it out there, I wouldn't be surprised. So I found a new use for my existing supply.


May 23, 2006 at 2:41 PM
Spread the word. Mike at isos invented a new word for little girls who dress like streetwalkers.

I think it's perfect. What I think when I see this is: "Where are your parents!!!"

Jeezy creezy.

Take Vitamins, people!

May 12, 2006 at 5:30 PM
Here is an article about how Vitamins are more effective against psychiatric disorders than the fad drugs are from a really impressive Doctor source.

Terrible Mother

May 10, 2006 at 9:21 PM
What a terrible thing to do to another mother...

Showing the worst of human traits, this woman displays her jealousy, spite, anger, and lack of humility.

"What do you think of your son now?" Patricia Belanger called out to Biechele's mother. Belanger, who lost her 30-year-old daughter, Dina Ann DeMaio, told reporters afterward: "Now it's her turn to suffer, just like we've been suffering because of her son."

Read about it here.

Any one who heard Biechele's tearful, broken apart grief today knows he's suffering twice for every person who died. He was so sorrowful that even over the radio, I was struck by it.

Sure, this woman lost a daughter, and that's terrible. Absolutely unspeakably terrible - I cannot imagine her pain. But doling out pain to others without cause is not warranted. Taunting the mother of the guy who accidentally started the fire is despicable. Sure, taunt the guy himself. Sure, kick him while he's down. A least then she would be directing her anger at the right person. You know what I mean.

What a rotten thing to do to another person.

What does this woman want, for a mother to write off her own son? Not gonna happen. There is no motive beyond verbally stabbing her counterpart on the defense side.

Your mom wants something real

at 6:16 PM
Any of you with creative streaks in you - TAKE NOTE.

Please don't send your mom some store-bought, contrived, sapy notecard with sugary chocolatey stuff or flowers that you picked out from a catalog.

Come on.

Artistic people (myself included) really have to take the time to HAND-WRITE your card, make your mom something.

Yeah, I know what you're saying:

I haven't done that since I was five and she got the paper mache hand-print.

That's what will make this all the more special.

If you DO something yourself, and then send it to your mom, you can get away from the appallingly commerce driven direction that holidays have gone.

So, adults, kids and everyone with a mom needs to do something that really means something to them personally this year.

Here is what I drew for my Grandma:

It might be a bit sappy, but she'll love it cause it's from us. Nothing you buy in a store is even remotely as ALIVE as the art you yourself make.

Yes, it's silly. Your mom loves your silly stuff.

Yes, it's unprofessional. That's a PLUS where mom is concerned.

I am going to be offended if when my kids grow up, all I ever get is a signed hallmark card or an online floral bouquet.

And here is what my kids did for me (with my scanner) this year:

That's Mandy on the left, Rory on the right. It's PERFECT - and I love it!

Riding along

May 2, 2006 at 6:21 PM
I dislike when people make references to pop culture movies and books of yesteryear as if it were classical iconic work.

I heard a reporter just now reference the movie "riding in cars with boys" in a sidelong manner, as though everyone will simply know exactly of what he speaks. That movie was blah when it came out and it's blah now.

I probably wouldn't mind so much if my generation even knew the difference between plato and play dough.