The TAO of Food Shopping - Pantry Nirvana

Dec 12, 2005 at 11:03 PM
I was fed up. So, I've decided to change my ways and rethink food shopping.

I'm sick of having a half-stocked larder. At any given time, I have only half of what I'd like to have on those shelves. This is because I have limited means.

But, I've had an idea. An idea that may mean I can have a perfectly stocked kitchen by correcting what's wrong with the way that I shop.

Before my girls get home from visiting their father, I have four more weeks, three more shopping trips, two more holidays, and a weird idea to try out.

I'm going to take the next three shopping trips to buy only one meal at a time.

This breaks the shopping into the same pieces that I break the day up into. I think in terms of specific meals. Why don't I shop that way?

I will have a focused shopping trip where I know exactly what I've come for. That always saves me a great deal of money. And I will be sure to do a better job of getting everything needed if I handle only the one thing at a time.

Humor me for a moment, I'm trying to deal with my kid's being away. This is my way of dealing with it.

I got the idea last week, when I went to WalMart, but since I wasn't going straight home, I bought only housewares type stuff, and did a great job of remembering everything I was out of, since I wasn't there for food either. I also didn't get anything other than what I had come for, because I was focused from the get-go.

This morning, I purposefully bought ONLY breakfast items. I did a very good job of it. I got everything I had been wanting for breakfast items. That means everything. Most are in the freezer, the rest are shelf items.

The next one is LUNCH foods. Then DINNER and then SNACKS. Since we don't eat much sugar, dessert doesn't count and will get wrapped up into the SNACK trip.

Everything will get frozen until the girls get home. When they do, my larder will be fully stocked with every item we need all at once. I will have achieved pantry perfection – this divorced mother's domestic dream come true. This is no minor accomplishment for me.

I may have found my way... to shop.

I give it 24 hours MAX before I hear "Mom, we're out of cereal!".