Obligatory cat post - Need cat name

Dec 10, 2005 at 7:15 PM
Official "blogosphere buzz" apparently must be taken as absolute truth at face value at all times.

The most recent piece of this is that every personal blog is required to have a post about your cat. All right, all right. Geesh!

My cat is a chubby black thing without a stitch of any other color than black. She has no name right now. I got her off of soeone who was moving away. THey'd named her Ciarra -- the same name as my ex-step-daughter. It's a painful subject, and I don't want the cat to remind me of it.

It boils down to that I need a new name for my cat.

Here is a picture.

And another:

Cat's don't care what they are called.

My dog cares, but the cat doesn't.

Personality traits:

Requires extremely hands on petting, and only when inconvenient (like at four AM or when I'm playing piano). Doesn't meow much. Catches EVERYTHING and leaves it on the bed. Loves me and wants all of my attention whenever the TV is on and I'm trying to watch. When I pet her, she chases my hand with her head, and wants both of my hands petting her.

Very bossy, and does not like to be fed without getting wet food too. Scared to pieces by my dog, Tucker. He ignores her.

Any name ideas?