Leprechauns in black hats

Dec 8, 2005 at 8:04 PM
Sorry so long. Amongst other things, I've been busy working on my own mother's web site. She had been using a faceless SEO with lots of employees, and I'm left cleaning up the mess. She was promised a lot of stuff that sounded good at prices that seemed fair. What they ended up doing was lots of negative tactics, like keyword stuffing into comments, putting keywords into meta-tags that are not actually anywhere on the page, extremely convoluted use of navigation to conceal duplicate content pages, etc.

In addition to that, there was no actual change to their pre-existing code, complete with CSS errors, invalid HTML, stacked tables, unfollowable links, etc.

I don't recommend using any SEO who can't:

A. Provide LOTS of phone numbers to call for recommendations from real people with real businesses (not just a list of clients -- it's easy to fake those).

B. Gives you a really lousy sounding guarantee. If it says anything about guaranteeing first place for the keyword of your choice, they are outright lying. If it says guaranteeing first place for ten keyword phrases, trust me, those will be the most obscure phrases possible. If you sell sprockets, your highest ranked keywords will all be variations on "rusty worn-out green sprockets" or "sprocket type 7a-cB1" on which you will get nearly no additional traffic.

I am mortified that there are so many leprechaun repellent salesmen out there in the SEO world. They aren't black hat (dirty techniques) or white hat (clean techniques), they are just nobodies pretending they can get the job done. They are worse than con-artists, because most of the time the customer has NO idea that they've just been conned. While the white hats and black hats are out there duking it out at high noon, this guy's snoozing on the porch.