And I was worried! (subtitled: I feel loved)

Nov 2, 2005 at 1:16 PM
I had a great 29th birthday:

I took a brisk morning walk in the cold air and fog.

I had a wonderful homemade italian lunch with my Dad and my step-mom, got presents from them with cards and a home-made happy birthday poster on the computer screen. Then went home where I took a late-afternoon nap and I had ice-cream for dinner (I know, I know). Then I curled up and watched TV.

I got called by everyone else who loves me (Aurora and Miranda, Kendra, Rick, Mom, Kevin, Libby) -- sometimes for a long wonderful call.

I talked to Kendra (my older sister) for a while, which is always a treat. We realized that we're both 29 now -- how odd that I finally did catch up with her!

I took a hot bath and then went to bed with a roaring fire and a warm house. It was great.

I was so worried that I'd be all alone on my birthday. And I was -- for part of the day. But I was not lonely.

Love and kisses to the aforementioned loved ones.