trashing blogs MAY not be the right marketing tack in today's world. What do you think?

Oct 29, 2005 at 8:21 PM
NOTE: This is an opinion piece. Anything I say here is my opinion. Cause this is a BLOG. Duh!

This terrible magazine says we're all "spewing lies, libel and invective". Interesting. And WHO is it that's saying this again???

Oh yeah, someone in one of the industries currently losing advertising dollars to the blog world. (Remember all those new AdSense customers? They had to come from somewhere.)

Funny, there was no mention of that in the article...

If the 1 (one!) posted case study from that article says anything, it says that someone who knows of the owner of Forbes magazine is disliked on the web and got trashed.


He can just as easily get out there and post his opinion in a blog, just like blogs are doing about him.

Perhaps this holier-than-thou magazine does not like the simple fact that magazines, print articles and the clichéd "MAIN STREAM MEDIA" (echo echo echo) are no longer the way to get information. We got sick of their slanted, endlessly pedantic way of viewing the world, and their "we'll use small words cause you're mind is soooo tiny" way of talking to us.

The court of public opinion will continue to exist so long as free speech does. It's an unfortunate side effect. Freedom currently lives on the internet.

We know where to look for truth, and we recognize it when we see it. And then we write about it.

In order to stop that, Forbes would have to lobby to put caveats onto the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Which would inevitably backfire on their own actions. The magazine's logic in putting out this article is flawed.

As a final note...

OPTIMISTIC VIEW: "all press is good press".