Over-reaction to Jagger is rife

Oct 25, 2005 at 2:12 PM
Google's Jagger update is making some pretty heavy flux occur in rankings. Some SEOs (me included, I admit) seem to be guilty of over-reacting to the flux from the update. I think that in the longer run (by next month), the whole update will level off, and everyone who deserves good rankings will have them back. I can already see that some good has occured (page rank improvement).

Anyone who is accidentally on the bad side of Jagger by two month from now will probably have figured it out and get things righted with their tactics so that they can resume good placement.

There are so many people trying to beat the algo all the time with some fancy get-links-quick scheme, or some other kind of work-around for the true way to get a great presence on the web (real word-of-mouth, individually set up links, and a cleanly coded site are a good start). So many people think there must be some other way to get great ranking, that can be done overnight, with minimal effort, and with no one knowing you exist.

Something along the lines of Cinderella walking into the ball, so many sites want to be able to show up on the net and instantly dance with the prince. Some web marketers realize this, and sell bogus or sneaky services to those would-be princesses. False SEO (black hat stuff), schemes to trick the algo, link farm links, fraudulent click-throughs, etc. The list goes on.

For weeks before the Jagger update, I was being pitched some new linking scheme by email every five minutes, and I noticed that everything was about page rank tricks and getting bajillions of links overnight. I ignored it all, but I am sure there were millions of others who did not.

It's too coincident that the Jagger update seems to be mostly about those two things. I see some cause and effect here.

It's odd to hear those same people who were trying to sneak around the algo crying foul over the results of the update. The update is probably being done primarily because of those attempts to trick or distort results. Google does NOT ignore our actions, to the contrary, it takes them into account. The algo is nothing more than a way to try to provide good results to the searcher because of positive (and in spite of negative) actions that we all take. Where is the causation? On the site's end, not on Google's end.

So, I take back the post from yesterday where I presumed the sky was falling. I was wrong.

In the end, Google will return to normal from the Jagger update. The next time it'll need an algo shift is when too many sites start magically winning their way into Google rather than earn their way.

My point is:

Their is no Cinderella story to be had on the net. If a Cinderella does get into the ball, the fairy godmother gets a grey-bar and everyone else returns home with a rotten pumpkin they paid too much for.