My housemate came home.

Oct 21, 2005 at 3:12 PM
Amber came home.

She spent six weeks away - a full month of that was spent in Katrina-land helping out the refugees from the storm in a tiny village that was decimated.

Things have definitely changed for her lately. Her whole world view has changed. The entire nature of her life will now be different (and hopefully better) because she went to volunteer for Katrina relief.

She has a new fiancé (another volunteer, isn't that sweet!). So she'll will need a home of her own - she's not staying.

Four weeks late for coming back home puts her in deep doodoo with me for messing up my plans and finances but that's not the big issue for her. She has no money and no job now. So she has to jumpstart her life pretty much right away.

I wish her well, and want her to succeed in life.