Modern limerick

Oct 29, 2005 at 10:19 PM
Here's a limerick that does not relate to my current situation. I just felt like writing one.

Consultant's Problem

There are four hundred things that annoy at me
and another seventeen things really cloy at me
But the one that stands taller
And really makes me holler
Is clients that just won't exploit me

I show 'em all of the ought to's
I tell them the do's and the don't do's
But making the changes
and getting new ranges
(Those good things I said) they just wont do's.

They want it to be totally breezy
They don't want to think- "make it easy"
so the hidden text stays,
the flash homepage delays
And the bots try to crawl but get queasy

After whatever dollars they paid
And the hours of how-to tirade
when it's all done
their web's been spun:
Sales just ain't what their site's made.