Relax - I'm just kidding

Sep 12, 2005 at 5:20 PM
I accidentally donated my favorite shirt to hurricane relief. My homeschool provider is out helping hurricane victims. Two of my closest friends can't be reached, they are out helping hurricane victims. My ex-husband is sending his money to help Katrina's survivors instead of me.

This puts me in the odd position of being jealous of the survivors of a natural disaster.

Right now, someone in Mississippi gets to wear my favorite shirt, have my ex-husband's money, and get advice from my two best friends while my homeschooler helps their kid! At least I can be assured that the hurricane victims standard of living should shortly be what my daily life was a few months ago.

[TO make up for my tasteless, classless remarks above, let me please urge everyone again to donate to Katrina Recovery efforts. More tetanus vaccines are desperately needed.