My goat ate my cigarette butts

Sep 15, 2005 at 3:38 PM
My goat, Ike (or is it Abe? - long story), ate my cigarette butts right out of the ashtray on my kitchen window-sill. Then he snuffled up all the remaining ashed that he'd spilled out onto the tabletop below. Then he tried to steal my lit smoke out of my hand.

When I asked if he needed to go to the vet today, my neighbour laughed and said no. He's a goat. He's able to eat just about anything without getting sick. I'm still worried.

Hopefully, Ike/Abe/Goat will decide to quit. I'm quitting as soon as I run out of my current supply, so I guess he's gonna have to. I hope he's not gonna be as grumpy as I will, or we might end up butting heads.

1 Responses to My goat ate my cigarette butts

  1. Liberty Rose Says:

    it's abe! but i hope he doesn't get too addicted.