Future of email

Sep 16, 2005 at 2:32 PM
Spam is killing email. The only way to kill spam is going to be to completely kill email. They are like conjoined twins (joined at the header?). One is healthy, capable, and smart. The other is a drooling diseased mess, blurting out things like "4extasie cl1ck~here" and "l0ngc0ck all4you!".

To enjoy the company of the one, I've been enduring the other for YEARS.

On my old job, I was the company inbox receipt point (despite my middle management position?!) and regularly received 2500 spams PER DAY, along with MAYBE 30 real emails to handle. On the weekend, it was not surprising to discover that 7000 spams had arrived. All in spite the spam blocker software.

I was also in charge of our proprietary opt-in email list. No one wants

Today, I downloaded my emails. 6 viruses, 212 spam particles, 17 promotional emails from companies that I have previously contacted, 4 emails generated by my website to let me know it'd been spidered, and 3 "real" emails from people I know.

So I had 7 real emails hidden in 242 emails I had to dig through, delete or otherwise handle. What is that - 2%? And that doesn't count what my spamblocker caught.

I have switched over to receiving nothing but RSS feeds from my daily newsletter subscriptions. I cancelled all of my email subscriptions.

RSS is something I have to go fetch. I only fetch what I want to get. No SPAM!

Basically, I am saying that I HOPE RSS feeds will replace email eventually as the way to communicate on the web. Not because spammers will stop, but because the email-receipt point will switch over to RSS. RSS feed softwares need to begin to provide a consistent and normal method for secure delivery of RSS-fed communication from only one point to another point. Bam! Replacement of email as communication method.

Anyone not getting themselves into the RSS feed market now is likely to have a tough time catching up later.

Spamless for the time being...

Until someone discovers a way to screw that up and get spam into the mix.