DMOZ is dying - per SEO forum

Sep 14, 2005 at 2:06 PM
According to this Search Engine Guide article, DMOZ may be dead.

DMOZ is not alone. Even the ever-applauded wrecked their usefulness when they started allowing pop-ups and banner ads, etc... AKA search-suicide. I sure don't use it anymore.

I can't help but wonder where directories fit into the future of web search. Are they even useful anymore to anyone EXCEPT the SEs? And what replaces them when they go?

No client or web user I know uses directories to search anymore. No one.

No client or web specialist I know submits to directories anymore unless they're looking for natural search placement through crawled directory links. It's common knowledge that they rarely draw their own traffic. Even Yahoo! isn't worth the money anymore without the additional benefits.

Partially because of the decline in usefulness and partially because of the nature of a commerce-driven web and it's effect on the search engines, I can foresee the possibility that directory listings may not be a factor at all in search engine placement five years from now. Then the directories would really die, as they are presently standing on the shoulders of a fickle search giant.


  1. Nickaratzi Says:

    Better tell Google fast. They have the mistaken view that it's still alive and thriving and use it as the 'Google Directory' which was last updated - this week.

  2. desi Says:

    Of course it was - I'm taking WAY into the future here. It is obvious that usefulness is waning, ergo CONSUMER interest in diretories is waning, and eventually directories will go the way of the dinosaur, al slowly or quickly as they retain their useful in obtaining search ranking...