Blog Freedom is vital

Sep 24, 2005 at 2:35 PM
I don't post my political opinions very often. But, I have something to say:

Over the course of my lifetime, I have seen a slow degradation of the belief in the good of the founders of our country. One TV movie or news article after another, telling me that George Washington was a bad bad man. That Thomas Jefferson seeded illegitimate kids with a slave (since proven to be untrue, it was his little brother that did according to the DNA evidence). That our founding fathers were horrible men.

And you know what? It's all simply designed to degrade our belief in the finer hopes and aspirations of the framers of our country. It's as transparent as can be.

It doesn't matter.

The only thing about these men that matters a wink in the grand scheme of things is the fact that they carved the shape of our country out of nothing. They provided the basis that makes Americans assume that man is basically good, basically free, right and allowed to say so, and can pursue his/her happiness. My religion and my speech and my blog and my gun are all protected today by the simple fact that a piece of paper says that I have rights.

What happens when we stop thinking of that piece of paper as having merits? It is nothing more than an idea. What happens when we stop placing emphasis there in our hearts and minds?

Freedom of speech is vital to free society. Freedom of the press is part of that. The government wants to label any speech that is done to the benefit of any particular political agenda as a form of "campaign contribution". This is bull, and we all know it. If I say "vote for mickey mouse", I am allowed to say it by the rules laid out in our constitution. I am not only allowed to say it, but the government is not allowed to tell me that I should not say it or to consider that they have the right to tell me to stop saying it.

Their hearings to consider infringing our rights to free speech are outlawed by our consitution.

If you want to continue to be allowed to freely speak your mind, put up a fight. AskJeeves did so.

Read America's constitution. Read the bill of rights.

I am proud to belong to the country that holds that document in high regard.

Once our right to freely speak out in political forums, blogs and websites is gone, then the internet will be nothing but another commercial wasteland, peopled only by the currently sanctioned voice-boxes of our leaders.

Nothing is more powerful than open, unalloyed speech. Turns out it's more powerful than money and more powerful than all the PR and advertising in the world. People are paying attention, around the globe, to what WE are saying.

And that's why it's being taken away.