Advice Post taken down

Aug 17, 2005 at 3:07 PM
I was asked by the advicee to take the post down, and I did. She didn't want to air her laundry to the world, and I respect that. Thanks to Hampster Huey for his comments. I liked your comment, Huey, very real and I find your post interesting in that it cared more for the intent behind telling than the act itself.

My advice was to have been to let live in blissful ignorance. What time the woman has left should be as happy as possible. It's not as though there is a possibility of treatment being done to resolve the situation. Why possibly destroy the delicate balance that allows someone on death's door to go quietly and happily into their good night? It is often hard enough for those of us who are young and strong to be content in our existence. It is even possible that the woman knows her mind is slipping and simply wants to maintain dignity as long as possible.

At least that's what I think.